Our Australian Beef Composites combine the desirable traits of British and European breeds to create an animal that puts more  weight on with better carcase quality and maternal production. ABC is the simplest and most effective way to incorporate Hybrid Vigour  into a beef enterprise.

 Our clients have found improved:
  • Carcase feedback - cattle hit the grid better, more muscle & marbling
  • Pregnancy test results that improve further in tough years
  • Weight gain of weaners
  • Fitter healthier calves, if you miss getting their birth weight early you are in for a chase
  • Feedlot performance, many feed lots have quoted the superior performance of our clients steers
 Coupling the carcase quality of British bred cattle with the growth rates of certain moderate European breeds produces an animal that  gains more weight, has carcase merit and has enhanced maternal attributes.

 Australian Beef Composite (ABC) females:
  • Hit puberty earlier
  • Calve down unassisted
  • Moderate mature size
  • Re conceive quicker
     Backed by science
     Animals of the same breed composition as Australian Beef Composites were trialled over 15 years at the USA Department of Agriculture  and University of Nebraska’s Meat Animal Research Centre (MARC). It was found this combination was the most profitable over a wide  variety of economical traits. To read more on the article Crossbreeding the forgotten tool, click here.

     The Hybrid advantage
     The two main components of hybrid vigour are individual and maternal:
     Individual- when two straight breeds are crossed the resulting calf will have an 8.5% advantage. Only the calf is gaining heterosis
     Maternal- is gained from increased production of crossbred females, through increased fertility, milk production and longevity of breeding  life. This makes up the remaining 23.3% life time production gain
     Paternal- Hybrid bulls are more fertile

    There are many different cross breeding programs, but unfortunately they are complicated and may result in wide swings in breed composition. As an alternative, research at the Meat Animal Research Centre (MARC) developed a multi breed composite that allows cattle breeders to access the benefits of hybrid vigour whilst maintaining a constant breed type.

    Composites provide commercial cattle producers with the advantages of a crossbred system, with the simplicity of a pure bred system. Producers who opt to use composite bulls in their herds do not need to make any changes to their management system, and get the benefits of hybrid vigour.

    Producers of any size now have the opportunity to utilise hybrid vigour and different traits from a variety of breeds in one simple package, without sacrificing consistency and marketability.

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