Red Angus cattle are the ultimate easy care breed. They are one of the best calving ease breeds whilst maintaining solid growth rates and excelling in carcase quality.

They are a great attribute to any crossbreeding program with their moderate mature weight and solid red colour making them ideal for Australia’s harsh conditions. Many Shorthorn and Hereford producers use Red Angus as a calving ease option for their heifers. 
Red Angus combine:
• Fertility 
• Carcase
• Calving ease
• Growth 

At Hicks Beef we run over 250 registered Red Angus cows making us one of the largest breeders in the country. This large gene pool enables us to select some of the highest indexing cattle. The below table shows the top five indexing 2014 drop animals in Australia, four of which are Hicks bred.  
Figure 1 shows the top five 2014 born Red Angus animals in Australia ranked by Supermarket Index. 

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